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Creating a System Discount

  1. In Director, choose the Pricebook module.
  2. Then, choose the System Discounts option from the menu ribbon.

    This guide will illustrate the “Buy x Get y Free” method of System Discounts. The free item will automatically be the lowest priced.
    Other methods
    $ Off Each Item – when a quantity is met, a dollar amount is removed from each item
    % Off Each Item - when a quantity is met, a percentage is removed from each item
    x Items For y Dollars - when a quantity is met, each item is reduced to equal a set amount (2 for a $1, etc.)
  3. Choose the Add button.

    If you are editing an existing System Discount, simply highlight the applicable line and edit in the details section.
  4. In the Discount Details section, enter the parameters you wish for this discount to follow.

    1. Discount Name & Receipt Text – name of the System Discount and description displayed on customer receipt – These can be different for your reference
    2. Discount Type – signifies the method of applied discount
    3. Start/Stop – signifies the dates for the when the discount starts and stops
    4. Qty or Buy – the amount of items required to be entered in a sale to trigger the discount
    5. Amount or Get Free– depending on the discount method, this is the dollar, percentage, or quantity removed when discount is applied.
    6. Priority - since items can be assigned multiple discounts, this allows you to order the priority of discount application
    7. Occurrence Limit Per Sale – Changes how many times, or to how many items a discount can be applied in one transaction.
    8. Require Loyalty/Is Altria Discount – Used for setting a discount to require a loyalty account, or to trigger it to appear on the Retail Scan Data Incentive Report.
    9. Store Selection – Select which stores will receive the system discount. Stores can be selected individually or by Pricebook Zone.