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About Us

Doug Nolan and Darren Schwartz in Photo
Douglas Nolan, CEO & Co-Founder
Darren Schwartz, President & Co-Founder

“When Doug and I first launched FasTrax Solutions over 10 years ago, it was to offer our retail brethren a truly comprehensive POS system that offered crucial features other POS systems didn’t. After years of retail and wholesale experience and listening to the wish lists of our valued customers, we expanded into a full enterprise suite of services that includes: FasTraxPOS, FTx Digital Signage, FTx AdPro, FTx Warehouse, FTx Loyalty, and FTx MSP services.

Each of our solutions was designed with the user in mind to be both powerful in its functionality, yet simple enough for anyone to use. With over 50 retail locations and a distribution center, we’ve seen first-hand how having the right tools can increase operational efficiency and skyrocket profits. We believe that FasTrax Solutions can deliver the same results to any business.”

-Darren Schwartz


Our executive team has 60-plus years of combined experience in the retail, wholesale, and technology industries. Owning and operating a successful chain of more than 50 retail locations in New York and Pennsylvania, as well as a distribution center has given us a unique advantage when developing our software solutions.

Being in the business ourselves, we understand each and every pain our retailers and wholesalers experience every day. FasTrax Solutions was formed out of our need to find solutions for ourselves, as well as our desire to help our fellow retail and wholesale brethren.

FasTrax Solutions was started over 10 years ago with the purchase of the software POS provider we were using ourselves. With a large wish list of enhancements, we started our journey to find what we needed because there was no single company that really understood what retailers required. Our solutions are developed directly based on the needs found in our own retail chains and requests from our customers, as well as industry requirements for each new vertical we enter.

FasTrax partners with our customers by listening to their needs and developing solutions accordingly. While we may develop a feature or program based upon one company’s request, our mission is to ensure that any general enhancements that might benefit the entire industry are deployed to all our customers. FasTrax Solutions is constantly evolving to bring you the most cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency of your operations and skyrocket your profits.


  • We’re pretty much all in with whatever FasTrax Solutions develops. We have 73 stores and we’ve used nearly every FasTrax Solution there is from FasTraxPOS to Warehouse to Uplifts to their Digital Signage. That’s the trust level we have with FasTrax. We’re very happy with everything their software has to offer

  • FasTrax Solutions has been an integral part of our business for the last 10+ years. I have tested and researched hundreds of POS systems. FasTraxPOS is the easiest system I've ever used! We save countless hours and dollars on training. Our employees love using the system. I've even had a competitor call to see what we're using.

  • What used to take 3 to 4 employees an average of 12 hours per day to count each store (we have 4) now only takes 3 employees an average of 4-5 hours with Fastrax, and with much better accuracy, utilizing 3 handheld wireless scanners with the FastraxPOS software... their software is reliable and efficient.