The new release will include new modules in the Retail and Warehouse portions, more functionality to modules, and other fixed issues in the handheld.

The update will be added to the Google Play Store and updated to active handhelds on Monday, August 19, 2019 at 12 AM CST. Please ensure that all main registers/servers/computers for stores and warehouses are on during this time.

If you have any questions about the update process, details of the package, or best practices in utilizing new features, please contact our Lifeline analysts at 256.319.3470 or email (


Key Additions: Retail 

  • New module: Transfers
    • • Employees can create Transfers on the handheld as well as resuming open Transfers created in Director and POS.
    • • The user can choose between creating Transfers that are “To” or “From” the current store. There is also another option that will allow the user to create a Transfer where they can select both the “To” and “From” locations.
    • • The user can input both positive and negative quantities for items in the Transfers.
    • • Users can apply the Transfers directly from the handheld.
  • Modified dialogue in Spot Checks and Cycle Count
    • • The Item Entry dialogue was modified to show only the necessary QOH fields such as the item’s current QOH and its linked item’s QOH
  • Added a new section to Settings
    • • A new section was added to the Settings module named Retail Settings.
      • • A new setting was added to Retail Settings that will enable or disable the use of definitions when creating Spot Checks. Will be defaulted to disabled.
  • Fixed issue with expanding UPCs in Scan Store
    • • A fix has been applied to Scan Store that will expand all UPCs with less than 12 digits and use the expanded UPC when adding to the database.


Key Additions: Warehouse

  • New module: Blank Orders
    • • Employees can create and resume blank orders from the handheld and then process them on the FasTraxWarehouse program.
    • • The user will have to choose an account, sales rep, and input the customer’s PO number to create the order.
  • New module: Verify Items
    • • Employees will be able to verify items based in the items’ “Picked” status rather than the order’s status.
    • • User can filter down to pick groups and verify only the items associated with the group.
  • Added Admin status to Verify Order and Verify Items 
    • • Users without Verify Admin status cannot edit verified amount of the items. There is an option for override where a user with Verify Admin status can log in and make edits where needed.
  • Added new setting: Pick items with 0 quantity in Guided Pick
    • • Users now choose which button, “Skip” or “Next”, to use when picking items with 0 quantity in Guided Pick.
  • Added new prompts: Guided Pick and Verify Items
    • • If users try to mark the order as “Picked” and there are still items unpicked in Guided Pick, the application will show a prompt that will let the user know to pick the rest of the order.
    • • The application will prompt the user if they try to pick an order where the items have already been picked.
    • • If users try to mark the order as “Verified” and there are still items unverified in Verify Items, the application will show a prompt that will let the user know to verify the rest of the order.
  • Add new functionality: Guided Pick and Pick Order
    • • Both modules will include prompts for serial numbers to be added to the order when picking items.
    • • The prompts will only occur if the items require serial numbers otherwise functionality is the same as before.
  • Improved tote assignment
    • • Applied fixes that improved the tote/box assignment when picking or verifying items.