Point of sale systems provide retailers with benefits including faster checkout, a record of all transactions, in-depth business reporting, and loss prevention capabilities. When it comes to cigar shops, there’s one POS system feature that you absolutely must have in order to stay ahead of the curve. Inventory management. What inventory control components should you look for in a POS system to maximize functionality and oversee every aspect of your inventory? If you’re considering software that doesn’t include all of the following, keep looking.

  • • Age verification
  • • Carton-to-pack and pack-to-single capabilities
  • • Mix and match cigar pricing
  • • Purchase orders
  • • Inventory scanning
  • • Barcode printing
  • • Scan data

For the purposes of this article, let’s look at the three most powerful solutions that your POS system must have, and why each are critical to the overall success of your cigar store.


Inventory Scanning Devices

Having a POS system at the checkout registers is imperative, of course, but did you know that it’s also essential to use a handheld inventory device? Our first point of sale pro tip for cigar shops is to implement handheld devices on your sales floor, too. With your sales staff equipped, you can easily integrate real-time quantities to your database so that there’s no time, day or night, when you won’t know exactly how much of a certain product you have in stock. Tracking inventory in real time enables you to manage current counts and reorder thresholds, and it also empowers your sales personnel to help customers know which favored brands are available before they even check the shelves.


POS Barcode Printing

How cohesive are your barcodes? If you’re like most cigar retailers, you may be struggling in this area and not even know it. Unfortunately, even if you’re using handheld devices as suggested above you may even complicate this issue if you haven’t chosen the right POS system solution in the first place, one that comes with barcode printing capabilities. Not only does barcoding your specialty products ensure that everything is accounted for in inventory counts, but it discourages theft. Given the value of your products, this feature can reduce shrinkage in your cigar shop.

Pre-Loaded Cigar Inventory

You want to receive and move your inventory fast, but you won’t be able to do this if your POS system uses inefficient item data management. Not having accurate inventory visibility is a common root cause of poor sales. Persistent problems that result from a lack of retail inventory management clarity include warehouse bottlenecks, difficulty estimating restocking needs, a lack of detailed packing data, and even missing cigar inventory details that leave you blind to what’s really going on in your store. With a pre-loaded cigar inventory feature integrated with your POS system, you can order stock directly from the POS through the preloaded catalogs you’ve imported upon set-up.

With so many POS options on the market today, how will you know which solution provider to go with? FasTrax is your one-stop shop for all of your point of sale needs if you’re in the cigar industry. Not only does our software go beyond basic POS & Handheld, but we cover every aspect to your cigar store’s business, from operations with POS, to décor with Digital Signage, to even adding on a Loyalty Rewards Program that works.

Why choose FasTrax?

FasTrax POS with Handheld

  • • Automatically convert cartons into packs as needed for accurate item-level inventory management and a superior custom customer experience
  • • Comprehensive CRM software makes recommendations based on customers previous purchasing habits, detailed reporting, and marketing analytics
  • • Current Age Validation software including JUUL regulations, which can be printed directly on the receipt
  • • Configure cashier permissions and biometric security to prevent loss
  • • Our handheld pinpoints mispacks from the distributor, which makes it perfect for performing inventory spot checks and cycle counts in real time while your store is open
  • • Every scan is tracked, reportable, and easily viewed within the scan history. You can replace or modify an entry if an item was accidentally scanned. Reconciliations are immediate and automatically sent to corporate for review
  • • Stay on top of inventory shrinkage in real time to reduce theft and losses. Perform time-stamped cycle counts even when your store is open and daily counts that have been designed with a price book that has deep categories for highly detailed reporting.
  • • Our powerful barcode scanner streamlines data collection and enables users to alternate easily between the camera and scanner functions to collect data efficiently

FasTrax POS is your solution to not only dive into daily sales, but analyze which cigars are trending. This information allows cigar retailers like you to promote additional sales, reduce the time needed to close a sale, and help multiple customers at once. Navigating the POS purchasing decision can be daunting, but we’re here to help. We don’t just sell systems, we provide complete point of sale solutions backed by 24/7 support.

FasTrax Handheld means keeping powerful inventory control in the palm of your hand. This solution delivers all of the comprehensive functionality of FasTrax POS in a portable, lightweight terminal small enough to hold in your hand. Coupled with the Unitech PA720 Handheld device, FasTrax Handheld offers proven reliability and unparalleled data collection capabilities.

With our 24/7 technical support team ready to assist your point of sale needs, there is no better POS system on the market today than FasTrax. To learn more or speak with a FasTrax strategist, click here to see what our POS can do for cigar retailers.