The holidays are almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about your next big marketing campaign for this upcoming season. As we all know, the holidays are a magical time where people like to feel festive and get in the spirit. For customers, this means getting immersed in a full-blown winter wonderland, while for retailers, this means getting ready to meet customers’ expectations with all-new holiday-themed displays. As retailers are well aware, holiday magic begins and ends with advertising, and with digital signage, retailers can help to bring this festive atmosphere to life. 

However, given that every retailer on the snowglobe is going to be putting up displays at the exact same time, standing out from the competition is going to be a challenge this year for store owners--one that will require no small amount of creativity and insight to pull off. Fortunately for FTx blog readers, we’ve compiled a short list of solutions that can help to relieve your holiday woes. So, without further ado, here are seven digital signage ideas for the holiday season. Beginning with the holiday standard: seasonal graphics!

  1. Seasonal Graphics 

A time-honored tradition in seasonal advertising is to remind store customers it’s the holidays. The benefit of doing this is that it can also remind them that they only have a limited amount of time left to shop and find presents for their loved ones. One of the most effective ways to get store customers thinking about the holidays is with customized seasonal graphics. 

Seasonal graphics can include anything from promotions featuring holiday imagery (such as turkeys, dreidels, Yule logs, Christmas trees, etc.) to holiday well wishes from your company. Reminding customers about what time of year it is can help to put them in the seasonal spirit, and customized graphics that feature your company logo alongside an active sale with a holiday greeting can go a long way. 


  1. Feature a Countdown Clock for the Nearest Holiday 

Another way to promote sales using holiday strategies is to include a countdown clock on your digital signage monitors. It’s common for people to keep calendars to remind themselves about important events, such as birthdays and holidays, so by displaying a real-time countdown to the nearest holiday, you can remind store customers just how long they have to shop for presents for their loved ones.

  1. Display Customer Testimonials 

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By creating something like a hashtag wall or displaying the number of likes, re-tweets, or comments that a photo gets, store owners can generate buzz around either an event or sale while also building confidence in their shoppers. Similarly, displaying video content with clips of happy customers during holiday time can also be used to promote cheer and boost excitement around the upcoming season.

  1. Live Stream Social Media  

Another strategy that can create buzz, which doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive to the holidays, is to display live-stream footage of your company’s social media in stores using digital signage.

 If social media has proved anything, it’s that people love being able to see their thoughts shown back to them on digital displays-- especially when they’ll be shown to the public. Knowing this, store owners can entice customers to engage with their social media pages by advertising that they’ll display their posts in real-time on their in-store monitors. One warning that should follow this suggestion, however, is that not all customers may want to post positive reviews; for this reason, it’s best to have at least one employee monitoring your company’s social media page for negative comments when attempting to implement this method.


  1. Live Stream Street Camera Footage

Store owners can also take advantage of live streaming by using it to broadcast holiday-themed events taking place outside, on the streets, or anywhere else in the world. By bringing the busyness of the streets into your store, you can create a feeling of liveliness and excitement that customers will want to be a part of; doing this can create an immersive experience, where customers feel like they are a part of a group, one that is celebrating the holidays at the exact same time in different styles and in different locations

  1. Create Multiscreen Videos  

If you have multiple digital signage monitors in your store, use them to your advantage. Get creative with your graphics and video content and have your ads and animations travel from screen to screen. 

The human eye is naturally drawn to movement, and with brightly colored, moving visual displays, store owners can take advantage of this tendency by directing customers’ attention to sales and select areas of the store. Imagine being a customer and seeing an animation of Santa’s sleigh traveling seamlessly across multiple screens. Now imagine that Santa’s sleigh just so happens to fly over an area of your store where there’s a sale going on. Suddenly, the customer’s eyes are drawn to the items that you want them to see 

11-4-21-FTx-IM3-digital-signage-ideas-for-the-holiday-season copy.jpg

  1. Get Good Digital Signage 

With digital signage, there are lots of creative ways that store owners can get customers excited for the holiday season. In this list, we mentioned a few strategies that store owners can use to stand out from the competition while also using digital signage to promote holiday cheer. 

For store owners, digital signage is an easy way to enhance your customer’s in-store shopping experience while also improving the overall quality of your advertising. If your someone who would like to liven up your store’s advertising but don’t have digital signage, or you’re someone who would like to switch, then visit us at or call our toll-free number @ 256-319-3470 to learn more.  

Digital signage is the solution for all your holiday advertising needs, and FTx has the signage that can help your business to make more holiday sales. Make this holiday seasons one that you’ll want to remember, by upgrading your advertising with FTx. 

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