Designing ads can be tough. Whether you’re a one-man operation or a successful chain, creating quality graphics can be a challenge. In order to build credibility and trust with your customers you must communicate a consistent message that aligns with your business values. When a customer continuously sees the same ads in multiple places—especially with your logo—you create a steady brand experience that sets you apart from your competitors. These ads can be seen in store via digital signs, customer facing displays, print advertisements, or on your social media.  But what if you’re a retailer that doesn’t have a marketing team or graphic designer? How do you create those consistent, quality advertisements without jeopardizing your reputation? 

You bring your ads to life with FasTrax Solutions’ AdPro software!

FTx AdPro is a free graphic design software that is engineered to deliver professional results regardless of a user’s design experience or skill level. This extremely user-friendly software features drag and drop tools and menus that help you easily navigate your way through the design process to create captivating advertisements. Take advantage of current sales trends, promote your slow moving items, and engage your customers with relevant promotions, all in real time. 

AdPro contains a large assortment of ready-made templates for ads and menus, all free and completely customizable. An expansive photo library offers a broad-range of photos for you to use for quality and consistent branding. Integrated with, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality stock images, all readily available within AdPro. You can also upload and export .jpg, .gif, and .png photo files to create your own personal library. Just choose the template that best fits your needs, change the text, background, & photos, and you’ve created an ad in half the time with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Creating advertisements is all about capturing existing and potential customers’ attention. Getting more attention to your digital signs means improving customer engagement through interactive displays. One of the best ways to draw customers’ eyes to your digital signs is by using movement in your ads.  FTx AdPro’s animation tools bring your ads to life and catches the eye. Choose a design element, such as a text box or photo, and customize the way it moves on and off the screen. Give your digital advertisements some flare by choosing from a multitude of animation options available. Take your in-store digital marketing to the next level and drive sales with animated digital signs and menu boards!

AdPro seamlessly integrates with FTx Digital Signage, making managing your digital ads quick and easy. Create, update, and manage those ads from anywhere using the cloud-based FTx Control Center dashboard interface. Make changes on the fly and schedule them to broadcast immediately, or on the date(s) of your choosing. With FTx Digital Signage and FTx Adpro, you can manage your in-store digital marketing without being tethered to your corporate or in-store computer. It takes the guesswork out of creating ads for all your marketing campaigns and provides an easy solution to an ever-growing industry. There’s no limits on what you can create!

FasTrax Adpro is free graphic design software integrated with FTx Digital Signage. If you’d like to find out more about how FasTrax Solutions can grab customers’ attention and increase your profits, call now at 256.319.3470 or email us at