Digital signage provides grocery stores with numerous benefits and advantages. But what if you aren't sure how you should use your grocery store digital signage to boost sales, increase traffic, and help your brand stay memorable in the minds of your shoppers?

These 4 tips will help you maximize the sales potential of your new digital signage system.   


Technology has transformed the way customers shop. For grocery stores, digital signage has been the greatest technological advancement in terms of alerting customers to special promotional offers, discounted prices, and other sales incentives, including incentives to buy impulse products during the checkout process. 

Whether customers are ordering sandwiches at the deli counter or waiting in line at the checkout registers, when nearby digital screens show them additional items that they can add for a reasonable price, it will inspire them to make last-minute purchases.

You can also boost impulse sales by using complementary signage that guides customers to locate add-on items. For example, a digital signage screen displaying a special sale on organic raspberries can help draw shoppers in the produce section towards the organic fruits. When space allows, it's a good idea to place digital signage screens near complementary products.



In-store digital signage has one primary goal, which is to market your goods to your shoppers. But unlike convenience stores and small shops who only use a handful of short aisles to sell their limited selection of products, grocers actually offer their customers a seemingly-endless number of items. In other words, the sheer volume of available products can be overwhelming to shoppers. 

You can help organize your products and attract the right customers to the right items by using your digital signage to cater to specialty audiences. Everyone buys toilet paper (at least we hope!) but not everyone is going to buy artisanal cheeses, craft beers, or dog treats. That's okay, because you can use your digital signage screens to sell your tartest cheeses to your most adventurous cheese-loving shoppers.   

Consumers are cautious with their money, so make sure your digital content highlights the value of your specialty products, includes fun facts, and informs shoppers of any coupons that might be available. Also, rather than promote open-ended offers, your digital signage will be more effective in terms of boosting sales if you feature items that will be discounted for a limited amount of time, but more on that tactic later.  



A fun, interactive digital signage content idea that you won't find everywhere is to display real recipes that your shoppers can try at home using the food items you sell. When customers see an end cap display full of ingredients, they might not necessarily connect how to turn those ingredients into a meal. That's where your digital signage display can help.

By featuring a high-quality photo of the finished meal, you can inspire your audience to give the recipe a try. In fact, we recommend that you use rotating digital content that features each ingredient product. Then, the final content image can be the recipe itself with a photo of the meal. This way, your shoppers will know what products to buy in order to try the recipe at home.

Go a step further with your digital signage and feature cooking demos and videos of someone making the meal at home. How-to cooking videos are a proven method of increasing total shopping cart value. Lastly, provide a clear, attention-grabbing CTA at the end of your demo video, like a QR code with a digital coupon that can be applied when all of the ingredient products are bundled together.  


Limited time only deals, or limited time offers (LTO for short), fall under a promotional category of their own. An LTO is a sale that will run for a very short length of time, shorter than any seasonal sale. Grocers can run LTOs that span a single weekend, for example, to boost sales on a specific product. If you want to stimulate a sudden spike in sales, you could even promote an LTO that lasts for only an hour or a few hours.

The reason why the LTO is such a powerful marketing tactic is because this type of promotion uses the principles of scarcity and urgency to its advantage. The scarcity principle has been studied, and it's actually less of a "theory" and more of a "fact." Shoppers who believe a popular product is limited will be far more inclined to purchase that product right away, for fear that if they don't, they'll miss out. This psychological effect occurs simply because we, as consumers, naturally place a higher value on things that we perceive are scarce. 

If you're about to feature a time-sensitive campaign using your grocery store digital signage, every second that your shoppers spend looking at your digital signs is precious, so you'll want to make sure that your digital content information is clear, and that your content slides don't rotate too fast or too slow.


Why Is Digital Signage a Must for Grocery Stores?

Digital signage systems allow grocers to promote products, which alerts customers to special deals they might not otherwise be aware of. But advertising is just one of the ways in which digital signage can enhance the shopping experience for your customers. 

  • • Improve Grocery Store Efficiency—Digital signage enables grocers to share KPIs and company goals on screens that are located in the employee break rooms. Sharing goals, benchmarks, and metrics help everyone on the team get behind the same mission.
  • • Reduce Perceived Wait Times—Digital signage is more than informative, it's entertaining! By engaging customers as they wait in the checkout lines, you can reduce their perception of how long they've been waiting in line. In other words, time flies!
  • • Boost Sales of New & Unique Items—In-store shoppers are known to buy the same items over and over again, and to shop as quickly as possible, but that doesn't mean they don't want to taste, test, and try out new items. Help them slow down and consider new arrivals and unique products by featuring them on your digital signage displays. 

    Due to the cloud-based scheduling software that most digital signage solutions use, you can easily update your digital content and simultaneously display different content on different screens. You can daypart your content so that the promotions, ads, and other displayed information rotate at preset times of the day and days of the week. And you can even use digital signage as wayfinding maps to help your shoppers find the products they love. 

    What else can your digital signage display?

  • • Welcome Signs
  • • Safety Signs
  • • Aisle Signs
  • • Grocery Pickup Instruction Signs
  • • Locally-Sourced, Organic Produce Signs
  • • End Cap Signs
  • • Customer Loyalty Rewards Program Promo Signs

    Investing in digital signage at your grocery store can help you boost sales and improve customer loyalty. 

    Displaying electronic signs benefits your customers, employees, and you, and best of all, digital signage can be a powerful marketing tool, as we explained in this article. 

    If you're currently shopping around for a full package of digital signage solutions, then consider FTx Digital Signage. Our digital signage solutions include the design software, AdPro, which comes with a full library of photos, images, and industry-specific templates to help you quickly create stunning digital content. Best of all, AdPro is free to use.  

    The Control Center within our software offers a well-organized dashboard for you to schedule your content using dayparting and timeline scheduling tools so that your grocery store displays stay fresh and visually pleasing to your shoppers. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us anytime at FTx.