Earlier this year, we attended the Tobacco Plus Expo to talk about our inventory control solutions, as well as our newest loyalty platform, Loyal~n~Save. Our VP John Griffin sat down with other tobacco retailers and discussed some of the innovative and insightful ways a POS can help control inventory, along with it's importance in the success of your business.

Check out our session during the TPE educational conferences, titled Driving Profits, Inventory Management, Point-of-Sale Systems and Customer Loyalty:

“I always say, ‘Be the company today that you want to be tomorrow.' You need to evaluate, first and foremost, your internal operations. Then, when you’re evaluating systems, ask yourself how that system best fits into your internal operations. What adjustments are you going to have to make to take that system in? What does that system offer you today and then tomorrow? What is that growth potential like? What is that solution?"


The story first appeared in the May/June 2019 issue of Tobacco Business magazine. It's online publication can be found here.