Nearly all vape retailers have a vested interest in differentiating their brands from the tobacco industry.

Vape shops do not sell cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco-related products for this reason. The majority of their brand-new customers are former smokers who want to make a permanent switch from smoking to vaping, and most of their returning customers have successfully made the switch for health reasons and never want to go back to cigarettes.

The remaining portion of vape shop customers have never smoked, but are interested in enjoying the benefits of nicotine without the health hazards that come with traditional tobacco-related smoking products.

This is all to say that when customers enter a vape shop, they do not want the tobacco store experience. As a vape retailer, the interior decor, layout, shelving displays, and assistance you provide to your in-store customers should be completely different from the average tobacco retailer.   

One of the best ways you can set your store apart from the tobacco industry and accurately convey your brand to your in-store customers is with digital signage. 



Digital signage is a modern alternative to in-store printed signs that are meant to promote products, current sales, and other information about a retailer's brand. Digital signage systems include electronic screens, media players, and the software that's used to organize and deploy digital content.

You might think that choosing the right digital signage system is the most important decision vape retailers will have to make if they want their digital signage promotions to boost sales and enhance their customers' in-store shopping experience.

But it isn't.

An even more important decision that vape retailers need to figure out is how they are going to create the actual digital content that will be displayed on their in-store signage system.

The reality is that the best digital signage system in the world is not going to enhance your customers' shopping experience at your location if the digital content that's displayed looks unprofessional, uses cheesy stock photos, or doesn't otherwise catch your shoppers' attention.

So, what is a vape retailer to do? What options do you have? Are there graphic design software solutions on the market for you to choose from? And if so, which one will be right for your in-store marketing needs?

There are many graphic design software programs out there. But the graphic design software that is going to be right for your vape store and meet your needs will probably be one that won't require you to have any formal, graphic design training.

With respect to that alone, you can eliminate about 99% of the graphic design programs that are out there. 

Once you eliminate all those software options that only professional graphic designs are able to use, you're left with the best graphic design software for vape retailers like yourself—FTx AdPro.



FTx AdPro is a cloud-based, graphic design program that is completely free to use. That's right, there are no strings attached.

This graphic design software was engineered to deliver professional results regardless of the user's design experience or skill level. You can easily generate digital content for your in-store vape products, vape sales, special vape promotions, enrollment information about your customer loyalty rewards program, and whatever else you can think of! AdPro features simple-to-use tools such as drag-and-drop widgets, pre-designed layouts, and context sensitive options that will guide you through the design process.

Ultimately, you want the content you display to increase customer engagement and loyalty, and boost vape product sales as a result… which means your content needs to be creative, polished, and impressive.

If you're unsure where to start, try implementing these 3 digital signage content ideas:

  • • Promote your best-selling vape products & new arrivals
  • • Introduce your customer loyalty rewards program & include a sign-up CTA
  • • Display customer testimonials about successfully switching from tobacco to vape

    For more content ideas that will help you create beautiful digital content in AdPro, check out these articles, 5 Digital Signage Content Ideas and Digital Signage Tips.

    What else can FTx AdPro be used for?

    Social media content and other online digital content!

    In addition to sending the digital content you create in AdPro to your in-store digital signage, you can also export content and post it on social media.

    With AdPro, you can use layering tools so that every social media post includes your branded logo and company colors. Quickly arrange and blend images to get an aesthetically pleasing design for your post. You can layer multiple levels of text, photos, or shapes, and even integrate video and animation for truly dynamic posts about your vape shop.



Sign up for AdPro and start creating professional-looking digital signage content and social media content for your vape shop for free. Our user-friendly, graphic design software comes with a full library of vape shop templates that include specific holiday themes and other vape industry categories to help you quickly generate and display the content you need.

Haven't yet made the switch from printed signs to digital signage at your vape store? FTx Digital Signage can install your entire digital signage system and help you get on the fast track to digitally marketing your vape products online and in your store.

FTx Digital Signage provides every solution you need to dynamically create, manage, and broadcast your digital marketing promotions across multiple store locations. Display customer-centric vape content that influences purchasing decisions, and go beyond basic advertising by featuring stunning photos of your vape products and helpful information about your brand ethos, employee favorites, community involvement, and so much more.

FTx's feature-rich graphic design software FTx AdPro gives you all the tools you need to achieve professional results with minimal effort. Select your screen size from the available options, name your ad, and assign it to an account. Use one of the ready-made vape shop templates or start fresh with a blank ad. Choose from a wide selection of fonts, photos from our expansive photo library of vape images, background colors and gradients, shapes, and symbols. You can also upload your own .jpg, .png or .gif files for use in your digital signs. The abundance of design elements help you create the perfect vape product promotions that are unique to your brand. For more digital content ideas, check out our article, The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Signage.

Finally, our media player devices will pull the whole system together. FTx Digital Signage connects your vape shop's digital signs to our cloud-based Control Center software via external Android Media Players that plug into the back of your digital screens using an HDMI port. Once connections are established, you can create location-specific ad content for each screen in your vape shop, as well as create specialized vape content for your customer-facing Point-of-Sale displays!

If you own a chain of vape shops, our digital signage solutions will enable you to schedule your digital ads so they play automatically across all of your vape locations. Choose as many ads as you want to run in a day, arrange them on the visual timeline, and easily change the display order all from the FTx Control Center. Use our Daypart Scheduler to automatically change your digital content at different intervals throughout the day.

Ready to get started with FTx? Contact us today!