Just like Santa’s Elves, our developers at FasTrax Solutions are busy working all year long on presents just for you. Here at the FasTrax workshop, we’re constantly brainstorming and developing new retail solutions for your business.

We have some exciting solutions in the works for 2018 from enhancements to our existing POS and Digital Signage Solutions to entirely cloud-based POS and Loyalty solutions. Check out these awesome FasTrax products coming soon:

  1. POS Appointment Scheduler – Are you a retailer that books appointments for your clients? Whether you are booking appointments for haircuts, massages, or even dog grooming services, the FTx appointment scheduler is the perfect addition to your POS suite.

    As with all of FasTrax Solutions, the POS Appointment Scheduler will synchronize with the Employee Scheduler to automatically assign employees to a booking. See which employees are scheduled to work during your client’s preferred appointment time and easily select the best employee for the job.

  2. FTx Cloud Loyalty – FTx Cloud Loyalty makes it easy for all retailers, no matter how big or small, to offer their customers a loyalty program. Having a loyalty program increases customer retention and studies show that increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95%.” 

    FTx Cloud Loyalty will allow you to manage your customer loyalty campaigns from anywhere in the world! Manage your discounts by assigning point values through whitelisting items or blacklisting items, making them ineligible for earning points.

    Generate hordes of new customers through free word-of-mouth advertising with Multi-Level Team Rewards. Each customer has the ability to create teams of friends and family members and earn bonus points based on a percentage of points their team members earn when they shop in your store. These bonus Multi-Level Team Reward points motivate your customers to refer as many people to your store as they can. Increase your basket-ring next Christmas by signing up with Loyal ‘n Save in the new year!

  3. FTx Cloud POS – Access all the features you love in FasTraxPOS on the go with FTx Cloud POS. Make changes to your price book from the beach if you want to. Never be chained to your corporate computer again. You will be able to manage permissions for all corporate users and/or employee access, allowing for easy job-specific access of the software. With FTx Cloud POS, there is no need to manage any internal server infrastructures, as our team handles all updates and deployment on our cloud-based system.

  1. Digital Signage Sales Tools – We're bringing you new sales tools within the Digital Marketing platform to aid in running promotions. You’ll have the ability to deploy advertisements and promotions by region, stores with specific product groups, and more! 

    You'll be able to see everything scheduled on all your digital screens, allowing for easy sale of advertising space. You can even plan your schedules for months or years ahead!

At FasTrax, we’re constantly working to improve our enterprise solutions and innovate new ones. Now that you know what our busy FasTrax elves are up to, what solutions are you most excited for in 2018? We welcome your feedback. Send us a message through our website.