Late last year, FTx posted an exciting blog about new digital marketing solutions coming soon. The wait is officially over! Our new marketing solutions have arrived!

Allow us to introduce FTx 360, our full-service digital marketing agency! This specialized annex of FTx was launched to provide a wide range of solutions to clients of all industries. Happy birthday, 360!

Have you recently been considering stepping up your marketing? FTx 360 has the solutions to simplify yet strengthen your digital marketing efforts without breaking the bank. Think you can't afford to hire a marketing agency? Think again!

Our digital marketing services include consultation and management options that cover all of our clients' marketing needs such as:

  • • Content Writing
  • • Social Media Marketing
  • • Email Marketing
  • • Inbound Marketing
  • • Industry-Specific Market Research
  • • Customized Marketing Strategies
  • • Digital Marketing Consulting

    This makes FTx 360 a full-suite branding agency. But what makes us a marketing authority worthy of handling your business' promotional needs? We're so glad you asked!

    Our successful track record is based on far more than the number of years we've been in business. It's based on our clients' digital growth, which is the direct result of our marketing approach.  We start with conducting a target audience assessment, then begin developing a digital strategy. SEO and keyword strategy is an integral aspect of our services. Once the content we generate is carefully balanced with the optimal amount of keywords, we grow and engage virtual audiences across channels and platforms with our content marketing management solutions, social media strategies, and digital marketing services.

    Our happy clients include Sweetly Stevia, Catskill Hemp Co., CBD Source, and others. What started as a labor of love--marketing these awesome companies!--has turned into a full blown agency!

    Digital marketing trends shift and evolve constantly, but we find that exciting! We've kept our clients ahead of the curve, and we'd like to help you stay ahead of the curve, too, so that you can establish your place at the forefront of your industry. We're here to help you grow.



Our personalized digital marketing solutions result in engaged visitors, which means more revenue for our clients, but how do we do it?

Real-Time Analytics

Performance is everything, which is why the experts at FTx 360 use impeccable designs to spark online engagement. We monitor the success or struggle of every campaign we launch and make fast improvements to ensure our clients reach the greatest possible audience.

Search Engine Optimization

We love improving bottom lines, and our clients love us for that reason, too! We use customized SEO campaigns that are specifically designed for our clients' unique businesses. Our specialists are experts at driving qualified search traffic to our clients' websites, which makes us SEO masters, and could make you very happy… if you partner with us!

Online Marketing

FTx 360 offers an optimal blend of creative insights and strategic marketing campaigns that achieve remarkable results. Using customized list segmentation, advanced stats, and responsive campaign initiatives with clear CTAs, our online marketing strategists secure strong, lasting results that boost conversion rates for our clients.


Our PPC management services drive immediate sales. We create, launch, and optimize pay-per-click marketing campaigns for ambitious business owners who want to blow the competition away and get their products and services not only discovered, but purchased.

Email Marketing

From strategic planning to performance reporting, our email marketing experts develop, design, and launch successful email campaigns that trigger sales. But how? It's all about workflows and automation! Our email marketing services are specifically focused on acquiring leads for our clients and converting them into loyal customers. We design automated trigger emails and opt-in forms that funnel customers straight into the palms of our clients' hands.

Social Media Marketing

Target the customer, not the keyword, and foster customer relationships that last for life with SSM solutions from FTx 360. Our social media specialists design and implement outstanding social media marketing campaigns that attract and impress users, turning followers into customers and customers into brand ambassadors.

Full-Suite Marketing Solutions

Every marketing initiative at FTx 360 is geared towards success in the digital spheres that matter most. Our writers create fresh content that optimizes our clients' websites and eCommerce stores to ensure search engines discover and rank every web page.  We develop content strategies based on data, analytics, and user behavior that drive web traffic and grow businesses.



We're really excited about this aspect of our new marketing agency! The FTx 360 Blog is the newsroom for FTx 360 where we discuss the latest digital marketing trends to help readers promote their businesses, websites, eCommerce sites, and social media profiles for the purposes of converting visitors into customers.

Each week, one of our digital marketing specialists will take time out of his or her busy schedule to write and publish an informative article on this blog, providing key insights and valuable marketing tips to our subscribers.

Topics will range from website design & development, marketing strategies & SEO campaigns, social media marketing, eCommerce site inbound marketing, and so much more! We will share tips, tricks, best practices, and even a tutorial or two to support marketers--particularly ones in traditional industries--in their quest to expand their companies' and clients' digital footprint. If you want to simplify yet strengthen your marketing while developing stronger connections with your customers, then be sure to hit the subscribe button to be the first to know about the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing.

Ready to hit the ground running and digitally promote your company? Check out the published posts on the 360 blog that have already helped hundreds of business owners and digital marketers amplify their online presence and boost sales.