Small business owners must concentrate their time and energy on establishing and perpetuating an expert status within their own industry. A critical aspect of maintaining that status is often overlooked--implementing effective technology practices.

As a small business owner, you cannot afford to skimp on implementing and optimizing digital technology. Have you analyzed your technology efficiencies recently? Do you know where your IT stands in terms of staying up-to-date? You can start by looking at your website.

Tomorrow's revenue depends on today's technologies, which means that it's time to launch digital marketing techniques at your organization if you haven't by now. The digital marketing strategists at FasTrax can equip you with the practical tools, steps, and strategies you'll need to establish, elevate, and reinforce your reputation within your community and your industry at large. Using cost-effective marketing and technology solutions developed by the experts at FasTrax can catapult you in the right direction and keep you on track with powerful momentum as you continue to build your brand and business in the age of ever-evolving digital technology.

It's always a good time to talk with the experts and strategists at FasTrax about your future.

If you'd like to meet us in person to discuss what our technologies, strategies, and professionals can do for you, then join us this Spring, in April 2021 for the FasTrax FREE website analysis that we're offering as part of the Sullivan County Sponsorship Breakfast.

During the Sponsorship Breakfast, our experts will cover key topics including:


Learn the importance of attracting and acquiring new customers that remain loyal through the innovative use of digital content that draws consumers in and gets them shopping.


Learn how to use customized list segmentation, advanced stats, and responsive campaign initiatives that deliver strong email engagement results.


Develop brand awareness and engage with customers by building social media relationships with relevant followers who will turn clicks into conversions.


Creative content must capture the voice of your business's brand and blogging is a highly effective tactic to boost traffic to your website while also gaining consumer trust.


Increase your bottom line with customized SEO keywords and campaigns that are specifically designed for your unique business to drive qualified search traffic to your website.


Search engine optimization must pull from tailored strategies if attracting local customers is your business objective. Learn the tricks and tactics to stay local and high in consumer search results.


Gain tech-industry insights and strategies that will powerfully optimize your website for voice search so that consumers find your brand at the top of their search engine results.


It's not even an option. You must have a Google My Business profile set up. FasTrax will go over how to engage with customers on Google for free to help you get more out of your business listing than ever before.


PPC ads must be designed and managed with ROI in mind since every click costs. Learn when to implement pay-per-click advertising versus when to focus on free SEO.


Learn why having a custom, state-of-the-art website is the most powerful branding and marketing tool you have, but only if you integrate social media, video, and multimedia technology that will show off your products and services. 

We're hoping you attend the Sullivan County Sponsorship Breakfast this Spring, and until then, you can learn more about FasTrax's digital marketing division FTx360, as well as other digital solutions for retailers by visiting FasTrax.