Your business can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to make a bigger sale at the register. Customers are already buying, and it’s usually the last opportunity you have to sell them before they leave the store. So, how do you upsell your customers? **You bring your promotions to life with captivating customer facing displays!** An impulse buy can be defined as a spontaneous purchase that a customer hadn’t planned on buying at the start of their shopping trip. These impulse buys are commonly seen with bottled drinks, snacks, gum, and other miscellaneous items placed around a store’s point of purchase. In fact, this tried-and-true marketing tactic has been around as early as the 1950s. And truth be told, those well-placed items account for $5,400 worth of Americans impulse buys, per year! Now with FasTrax’s advanced technology, your POS can actually advertise those [impulse buys](http:// Display the right ad to create awareness and watch your customer’s sales total increase! [FTx Uplift]( is the harmonious union of [FasTraxPOS]( and [FTx Digital Signage]( to create enticing advertisements that increase impulse buys at the register. Checkout is the perfect time to generate these impulse purchases, and the power of uplift gives your cashiers the tools to become sales superstars! Integrating seamlessly with FasTraxPOS, you can create a discount campaign in the Control Center that automatically triggers a discount or promotes an additional item for purchase when the UPCs you designate are scanned. The clerk is then signaled with a pop-up screen containing a sales script that prompts them to promote the additional product and win the sale. Ensuring a quality and consistent message is key with Uplift capability. By crafting an informative pop-up, employees can never use the “I forgot” excuse again because it will be displayed on the screen before the sale is even complete. While incorporating aspects of gamification to your promotions, cashiers can either “Win” or “Lose” the upsell. Each sale can be tracked by store or across your entire retail chain to create friendly competition that encourages employees to keep making sales. If that’s not enough, you always have the option to spiff employees with a dollar amount or a percentage of each upsell they make. Create contagious enthusiasm that will get your customers excited about your promotions! Customer facing displays simultaneously show an advertisement for the product your cashier is promoting. Using FTx Digital Signage, once you create your Uplift you can upload or create custom displays that immediately capture the eye of your customers at the register. These displays offer the perfect means to educate and inform people about your current promotions, and Uplift lets you take full advantage of this prime marketing real estate. Using FTx Adpro, a free graphic design software, you can choose from hundreds of ready-made templates that correspond to the size of your display screen. You can also create your own advertisements, picking and choosing from hundreds of free stock images and various tools. You don’t need a graphic design team to use this drag-and-drop application, for anyone can create a professional advertisement for their Uplift campaign! Deploy your ads on the spot, or schedule them months or years in advance within the Control Center. Advertising just got a whole lot easier with FasTrax Solutions. If you’d like to see how FTx Uplift can increase your customers’ impulse buys, call now or contact us at [](