The race to acquire, compile, and leverage customer data is never-ending for the retailer who understands the value of customer retention and the CLV that comes from it. Brands are constantly looking to provide customers with as much personalization as possible and the liquor store retailer is no different. One innovation that has revolutionized this effort is the advent of digital signage.

Interactive digital signage in the form of screens and also kiosks are popping up in brick-and-mortar stores all over the country, and it’s no wonder. Advances in technology in the last ten years alone have been rapid. The modern individual uses screens throughout every aspect of their day. Smart phones are commonplace and automation has replaced jobs in certain sectors. It’s all part of the world’s evolution towards a better, more efficient tomorrow, and your liquor store could benefit greatly from keeping in step.

Digital signage combines the experiences of both the online and in-store retail experiences for the customer. This digital display technology provides guests with highly-personalized and engaging shopping experiences while providing retailers with valuable customer data. This, in turn, leads to liquor retailers receiving feedback and insight from the customers at every point of the shopping experience. Creating a cycle of tailoring your customers’ personal relationship with your store is all the more possible when you analyze and leverage that feedback. You can make better product recommendations to your customers and they too can make informed decisions, which will help them to value your store over all the others.

If you want a flexible, low cost solution for showcasing your liquor specials, wine & spirit deals, updated pricing, and the ability to feature new items as often as they come into stock, then you need digital signage in your liquor store.

Read on to learn about specific perks to adding digital signs to your customers’ shopping experience.

Digital signage is eye catching and informative

In a world where people are inundated with ads, there’s an interesting catch-22 occurring. On the one hand, because people are so used to digital ads it takes a lot to grab their attention. People have become desensitized to digital ads. They know how to block them out, because these flashy signs are part of the landscape. You definitely don’t want your customers to block out your digital signage, because the flipside of the catch-22 coin is that your customers also expect to encounter digital ads. So how you do strike that perfect balance when implementing your digital signage? The trick is to always bear in mind the two most important elements. Be eye-catching. Be informative. Having an ad that is bright, engaging, and targeted to your customers’ tastes and interests will go a long way in terms of striking that critical balance. According to Digital Signage Today, digital signage captures 400% more views than static displays, and customers also noted that they are more likely to pause and see what the digital sign has to say if the screen is informative and doesn’t rotate from one digital sign to the next too quickly.

Digital signage strengthens the relationship between the customer and the retailer’s brand

Digital screens and displays are designed to attract customers, draw their attention towards promoted products, and enhance the overall sales environment in the liquor store industry. But serving as advertisements is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what digital signage can do. Research has confirmed that digital signage in the form of interactive POP displays and kiosks are actually 2.5 times as effective at creating an emotional response within customers than traditional static signage. This is the key—the emotional response. When you engage your customers emotions, you make a lasting impression and a bond is formed in their minds. This phenomenon also corresponds to greater recall of the viewed imagery later on, according to a neuroscience review. For liquor store retailers looking to go digital, deploying screens at the checkout and in carefully selected locations throughout the rest of your liquor store will get great results.


Digital signage enhances the wine selection experience

Imagine if your customers could actually taste and sample every wine that interested them. While allowing them to do this wouldn’t be cost effective, you can offer them an experience that comes awfully close—add an interactive digital sign kiosk in your liquor store. Digital signage with touchpoints is a fun, engaging way to assist your customers to peruse and learn about every wine and spirit your liquor store has to offer. By using the digital interface, customers can take fun quizzes that result in specific wine suggestions, for example, which will make the shopping experience fun and productive. When customers can learn about the tastes and origins of wines, spirits, and liquors, they’ll feel all the more excited about buying to expand their palate, and they’ll also recommend your liquor store to their friends and family. If you’re ready to amplify your liquor store with digital signage, then look no further than FasTrax.

What can FasTrax Digital Signage do for you?

FasTrax Digital Signage

  • • Automatically update signage pricing directly from your POS system
  • • Manage displays from your home or office PC, or anywhere on a tablet or smartphone
  • • No more expensive and time-consuming printing of promotional materials
  • • FDA health warnings for Alochol Products built right into the design software to keep you in full compliance with state and federal law no matter how often you change your digital signage promotions

With FasTrax Digital Signage, we offer design training, or you could select a pre-made campaign from our template database of over 1,000 designs! Our proprietary design software, AdPro, makes it easy for the user to edit templates, design original displays, and make changes. You can even schedule promotions and advertisements weeks, months, or even years in advance. Simply design, save, schedule, and forget about it!

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