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Overview of Carton Counts (Limiter)

Overview of Carton Counts (Limiter)

Depending on your location or contract agreement with manufacturers or vendors, you may be limited in the amount of cartons able to be sold on a single transaction.
Exceeding these limits may result in fines or loss of benefits per your purchase agreements.

For this, FasTraxPOS has built tools to assist you in alerting and controlling excessive sales.
Using the Carton Counts function can proactively alert your cashiers to possible contract violations.

Q: What does Carton Counts do?

A: Carton Counts is a way for you to control the amount of cartons sold on a single transaction per manufacturer/vendor contract agreements.

Q: What does this do to the database?

A: This creates a count limit based on a family of UPC prefixes. UPC prefixes are the leading 5-7 digits on a family of products’ UPC.

Q: Do I have to do this?

A: Limits are based on contract agreements you may have with manufacturers or vendors.

Q: On which machine(s) should this be performed?

A: Carton Counts (Limits) are entered via Director (corp or store) depending on enterprise setup, then sent to stores via the “Queue” module to take effect.
If you have questions about applicable machines, please contact FasTrax support.

Q: How do you access Carton Counts through the POS?

A: Carton Counts is edited through the Director. The POS will prompt you when limits are met or exceeded.

Q: Is this something FasTraxPOS Technical Support can assist me with?

A: Absolutely!

Q: In what order should this be performed?

A: Follow the steps below for the best results.