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Editing Pricing Exceptions

Editing Pricing Exceptions

After creating a Pricing Exception, you may need to edit or remove it. Editing Pricing Exceptions functions much the same as initially creating them.

  1. Return to the Pricing Exceptions utility via thePricebook module.

    Once there, you will see your existing PricingExceptions listed. Simply highlight theapplicable Pricing Exception and choose the“Edit/View Exception” button located at thebottom-left of your utility window.

    If you wish to delete an exception, highlightthe applicable Pricing Exception and choosethe “Delete Exception” button.
  2. If you are choosing to edit an existing PricingException, once you have chosen the“Edit/View Exception” button, the worksheetwindow for the applicable exception will open;just as when you originally created it.

    Changes to exceptions will require you to send to stores from your Corporate Queue module before they will take affect at applicable stores.
    1. If you wish to change the name of the exception,this can be accomplished via the “Exception Name”section.
      Simply enter the new name and choose the“Update” button.
    2. If multiple items were set, you can remove these viathe “Item In Exception” window.
      Highlight the applicable item and choose “RemoveSelected Items”. If multiple items are assigned tothis exception and you wish to remove all, choosethe “Remove All Items” button.
    3. If you wish to change the price for an exception,choose the correct exception number from the“Update Exception” dropdown, enter the new priceand choose the “Update” button.