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Creating and Applying Adjustments

Creating and Applying Adjustments

  1. From within Director, choose the “Inventory” module   
  2. Next, choose the "Adjustments" tab   
  3. Next, choose the “Create New Adjustment” button   
  4. Choose the store, enter a memo if needed, and choose the adjustment date in the pop up window. Then choose the “Create Adjustment” button

  5. The adjustment details screen is the next window that pops up. Enter in a UPC in the “Item To Adjust” text box. Alternatively, you can search for an item by using the “Find” hyperlink.

  6. When the item is entered, press enter to fill in the description and last cost. Choose a positive or negative value for the “Qty To Adjust” text box and then choose the “Add/Update” button to add that item to the adjustment

  7. Repeat the previous steps to add multiple items if needed.

  8. When complete, choose the “Apply” button and choose yes to the following prompt   

If Director is in store mode, it will apply immediately. If it is in corporate mode, the adjustment will need to be sent down via the queue .