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Creating an EDI Purchase Order

Creating an EDI Purchase Order

EDI orders are those filled by electronically creating and sending POs, locally, to an applicable vendor, and/or electronically receiving an invoice(s) from a vendor.

Setup for Vendors utilizing EDI should be accomplished with assistance from FasTrax Support. Certain file formats are required for this utility to operate properly. Please contact FasTrax Support for any further assistance/questions.

  1. If there are any items you do not wish to include on the generated PO, highlight from the Order Details list and press 

  2. Generating the order will take you tothe “Order Details” section of theReorder utility.

    The Order Details section is for editing any items or quantities generated on the order. Items can be removed and/or added to a PO. Cost of items can also be edited from this screen.

    The “Order Details” section is separated into two portions.

    Generated POs can be edited through this section. This section displays pertinent information for generated items; PO number, date and vendor.
    Choosing “Sales History View” will display item information by a weekly sales history, thus assisting in manual quantity entry.
    Quantities, if needed, can be edited by entering the desired amount(s) per item.
    Items can be removed by highlighting and pressing 

    Reorder quantities and Cost are editable in this section. If the generated quantities are not satisfactory, edit and press 
    If additional items are desired to be added to the PO, enter either the item’s Vendor Part or UPC # then press  to add item(s).

  3. After confirming invoice filteringcriteria is correct, press the“Generate Order” button.

  4. If an order based on “Sales” is beingcreated, an applicable Date Range will need to be identified to generatean accurate order.

    Do Not Override With Min/Max – If Min/Max are set for item reorders, a manual input for reorder will override these Min/Max presets.

    Override With Mix/Max – If Min/Max are set for item reorders, Min/Max presets will auto fill reorder amounts.

    Override With Min/Max If Greater – If Min/Max are set for item reorders, reorder amounts will default to Min/Max presets if the suggested amount is lower than Min/Max.

    Min/Max on hand amounts are set to items via Item Details.
  5. Choose the applicable vendor fromthe “Vendor” dropdown.

  6. Change the “Method” to theapplicable “Reorder By Items Sold(Replenishment)”. This is chosenfrom the available dropdown.

  7. If not already by default, choose the“New Order” tab within the Reorderutility.

  8. Choose the “Reorder” utility from theoptions listed along the top utilitytab.

  9. After logging into the FastraxDirector, choose the “Inventory”module.

  10. After confirming PO information iscorrect, press the “Send EDI” button.

    If an order/PO is generated and not sent, it can be reviewed, edited, deleted and sent at a later time through the “Previous Orders” section.

    1. Choose “Previous Orders” from the Reorder utility.

    2. Filter to the correct vendor and/or date, or highlight the applicable PO.
    3. Choose the applicable option for the highlighted PO.

      Delete Order – Choosing this will delete any highlighted PO, waiting or sent.
      Close Order – Choosing this will close any highlighted PO, waiting or sent. Closed POs are not deleted, but are simply removed from the list. Closed POs are still editable.