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Receiving EDI from a Purchase Order

Receiving EDI from a Purchase Order

After creating Purchase Orders sent via EDI, these Purchase Orders can then in turn be received as Vendor Invoices upon order arrival.

When receiving an EDI Invoice created from a Purchase Order, you will need the Vendor Invoice Number. Your applicable vendor will supply this number.

  1. After logging into the FastraxDirector, choose the “Inventory”module.

  2. Choose the “Receiving” utility.

  3. From this section, press the “CreateNew Invoice” button.

    This will open the “New Invoice” window.

  4. Choose the applicable vendor from the Vendor dropdown.

  5. Check “From Purchase Order”.

  6. Select applicable Purchase Orderfrom dropdown.

  7. Enter the applicable Vendor InvoiceNumber for the previously generatedPO.

  8. Press the “Create Invoice” button.

  9. Verify quantities and costs arecorrect for the items listed.

      If an item requires a change in quantity or cost:
    1. Highlight the applicable item andedit Part Qty or Cost Each.
    2. Press the “Add/Update” button tosave changes before highlightinganother item.

     If items not listed on an invoice need to be added and received:
    1. Enter the Vendor Part or UPC.
    2. Edit the quantity and cost.
    3. Press the “Add/Update” button.

    Sometimes items are damaged before receiving. If items need to be completely removed from an invoice:
    1)Highlight the applicable item andpress the “Delete Item” button.
    This will remove the item and change the invoice “Totals”.

  10. 10)Press the “Apply Invoice” button to receive the invoice.

    Update Costs:
    Check All – Pressing this will check all items to Update Cost as received.
    Uncheck All – Pressing this will uncheck all items flagged to Update Cost as received.