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How to Create Employee & Cashiers

How to Create Employee & Cashiers

  1. After logging into the FasTrax Director, select the “Maintenance” icon.

  2. Select “Employees” from the available selections listed along the top of the Director.

  3. From the Employee screen choose the Add/Plus button located at the bottom of the screen.

    The top portion of this screen shows existing employees. You can edit by highlighting an employee and changing any information in the lower section(s).
    The lower portion of this screen shows the editable attributes of an employee/cashier.
  4. In the lower portion, there are separate tabs for Employee and Cashier information. Fill in the information for this Employee.

    The Employee Number, Name and Password are all that have to be entered for an employee. These are necessary for Clocking In/Out on the POS. Any additional information is optional.
  5. Once the Employee information is entered, click the tab that is labeled “Cashier Info”.

  6. Enter the cashier name as you want it to show on Z tapes and reports. Enter the numerical password for this employee. Passwords cannot start with “0” or “9”. Lastly, check any attribute you want this cashier to have while logged in and operating the POS.

  7. On the “Cashier Info” screen, there are a set of quick options for setting Cashier attributes.

  8. After you have completed entering information for this Employee/Cashier, choose the “Save” button located at the bottom of the Director.