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How to Perform a Hand Held Cycle Count

How to Perform a Hand Held Cycle Count

  1. After entering FasTrax PSM on thehand held, choose “Inventory”.

    Note - FasTrax PSM is accessed by pressing the “Start” option on the Hand Held home screen. Choose FasTrax PSM from this drop down.
  2. Select “Cycle Counts”:

    Spot Checks – This is used for quick quantity checks/replacement. This is NOT to be used in lieu of Cycle Counts. This feature does not take in account current sales or invoices. The setup and usage follow the same steps as performing a Cycle Count.

    Cancel – This will return you to the main screen of FasTrax PSM.
  3. Choose “Login” after the appropriateEmployee ID and Password areentered.

    Note - Employee numbers and Passwords are created in the FasTrax Director through the “Maintenance” tab.
  4. If you are performing a new CycleCount, select the “Begin A NewCount” option.

    If you are resuming a previous cycle count, select the name of your Cycle Count from the list and select “Resume Selected Count”.
  5. You have the option of selecting apreexisting definition or you canselect “No Def”. Press “Continue”when a selection is made.

    Definitions are a preset list of items from the Pricebook. These are useful for specific, repetitive or employee assigned Cycle Counts. See “How to setup Cycle Count Definitions” for more information. Pg##

    If “No Def” is selected, the inventory will not include any Non-counted (not scanned) items from your pricebook. It is advisable to use definitions to keep track of ALL items in your pricebook; not just what is on the shelf.
  6. You have two modes for scanningitems into a Cycle Count. They are“Backroom Mode” and “Floor Mode”.Press “Continue” when the propermode is selected and the item isscanned.

    Options” is a section for handling duplicate item scans. See Step 7 for further explanation.

    If you choose Backroom Mode, it is expected that you are counting items in a stock room and that no inventory adjustments such as sales, receiving, transfers, etc. will be made to these items during the count.

    If you choose Floor Mode, the system takes a snap shot of the current “On Hand Quantity” of the item at the time of scanning. From that point it tracks any inventory adjustment made during the cycle count.

    Floor Mode” allows the ability to perform a complete store Cycle Count while the store is operating.
  7. The “Options” button allows you to select whether you will be prompted when an item isscanned more than once during a Cycle Count. Press “Return To Entry” when selectionfor handling duplicates is chosen.
    1. Prompt On Duplicates” selected:

      You will not be prompted if you scan an item in Backroom Mode and the same item in Floor Mode. These modes are handled separately during the Cycle Count and added together during reconciliation.
    2. If “Prompt on Duplicates” is notselected, you have the option toselect “Replace Qty On Hand” or“Append Qty On Hand

      Replace Qty On Hand – Whenever an item is scanned, the quantity entered will become the On Hand Quantity. Multiple scans of an item will not append.

      Append Qty On Hand – If an item is scanned multiple times, the entered quantities will automatically append
  8. To update quantities:
    1. Scan item or manually enter UPC.
    2. Enter the quantity you have counted.

      Select “Save” to go to the next item. Repeat this process until all items are counted.

  9. When the Cycle Count is complete, select “Options” and Select “Exit”.