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Department Groups

Department Groups

Department Groups are a top level form of grouping for your Pricebook.
Departments can be organized into Department Groups assisting with the filtering functions often used in Pricebook editing and reports.
Multiple Departments can be set to groups; however, it is not necessary to setup multiple Department Groups. If desired, all Departments can be set a singular Department Group.

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Maintenance module.

  2. Choose the “Dept Groups” utility

  3. This will open the “Department Groups” utility

    Since Department Groups serve only as an organizational tool, they can be freely edited and deleted without concern for data loss.
    However, at least one group must be created for all departments to use if individual groups are not necessary.

  4. If this is to be a new Department Group, first choose the “Add Dept Group” button.

    If you wish to edit an existing group, simply highlight the applicable group from the “Existing Department Groups” grid and edit in the “Department Group Details” area.

  5. Using the “Department Group Details” section, enter the applicable information for this group.

    1. Dept Group Number – This number is assigned by you. If you are currently utilizing this form of tiered Pricebook, you may already have a specific numbering sequence. If not, sequential numbers will suffice.
    2. Name – The name of the groups depends on how you currently or plan to utilize editing and reporting functions.
      Notice in the example picture, the groups are generally named for the departments they contain.
  6. After confirming applicable information is entered correctly, choose the “Save” option.

Again, Department Groups are only utilized for their grouping function to assist you with categorization in editing your Pricebook and reporting functions.
At the very least, you must have at least one Department Group created for Department assignation.