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Departments are groupings of like items to assist with hierarchal filtering, editing, reporting, and functionality.
Since Tobacco related items require different register treatment from General Merchandise, placing these items in a dedicated Department ensures the proper taxes and mandated functions apply to these items only.
Along with the parameters set by applicable POS Flags, Departments can also contain more specific parameters for Discount levels (House Account/Loyalty use).
Unlike Department Groups, these cannot be freely deleted. Since items are directly linked to Departments, please move items to a new Department before removal of existing assigned Department.

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Maintenance module.

  2. Choose the “Departments” utility

  3. This will open the “Departments” utility

    If this is a new install and you are using a FasTrax supplied starter database, you may notice there are a few Departments already setup.
    These are often used Departments we have preconfigured. You are welcome to edit these to fit your particular needs.
    Remember to choose the SAVE option to apply any changes you make.
  4. If this is to be a new Department, first choose the “Add Department” button.

    If you wish to edit an existing Department, simply highlight the applicable Department from the “Existing Departments” grid and edit in the “Department Details” area.
  5. Using the “Department Details” section, enter the applicable information for this department.

    1. Dept Number – Numerical designation for department. This only serves as a reference. This allows you to stay consistent if a current system requires a specific numbering system for accounting packages.
    2. Name – Name of Department.
    3. POS Name – Name that appears at the POS for Department sales.
    4. Dept Group – Department Group this Department is assigned to.
    5. POS Flag – POS Flag this Department is assigned to. This decides the Taxes and other parameters the Department honors.
    6. Inventory Code – Inv Code, COGS Code, and AP code are utilized for account exports
    7. Min/Max Amount – Minimum/Maximum amount per Open Department item entered at the POS.
    8. Target GM – If “Open Departments” are to be used for sales (sales directly to a Department; not via an item UPC) setting this “General Margin” will provide Departmental percentage feedback in sales reports since item cost is not utilized for an “Open Department” sale.
    9. Add to Sales – When checked, sales are totaled and included in normal sales reports.
      Unchecking may be useful for store or company transactions not intended for normal daily sales reports.
    10. Discounts – Used for House/Loyalty accounts to receive specific Department Discounts. Each Department has four levels to enter a percentage rate for discounting item’s retail price when sold.
    11. Add To CTN Count – When utilizing the carton count limiter, this checkbox forces the POS to use the carton count rule
    12. Max % Discount – Max percent discount allowed when manually discounted on POS
    13. Reorder Options – Used to supercede reorder settings at a department level when reordering
    14. Has Sales Restriction – Use when applying a sales restriction to department
    15. Disclaimers– This assigns a disclaimer to the department, which prints on the receipt.
  6. After confirming applicable information is entered correctly, choose the “Save” option.

    Once a Department is created, they can be edited following the same steps used to create. Highlight the intended Department from the “Existing Departments” list and edit via the “Department Details” section.
    Since Departments are groups of items, confirm via Item Details or Mass Updates that applicable item s are properly assigned to Departments. Refer to the Pricebook Usage Guide for item assignation.
    Remember, if a Department is deleted, item assigned will not function properly. If a Department is to be deleted, move all currently assigned items to a new Department before deletion.