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Departments, Department Groups, & POS Flags

When creating and / or editing Pricebook items, part of the item setup involves assigning items to a Department. These Departments are necessary for the proper function, grouping, and categorization of items.

Along with granting the user a more organized method of item editing and reporting, crucial POS functions are associated to Departments via the assigned POS Flag. POS Flags control the taxes applied to items, if identification is required to purchase an item, and various other sale specific options. POS Flags directly affect the register side of item management.

Once a POS Flag is created and assigned to a Department, Departments can be assigned to a Department Group. Although there are no function specific options in Department Groups, they do offer a “top level” form of organization. When a User is utilizing the Mass Updates utility or running reports, starting a filter from the Department Group is a quick way to weed out unwanted information.


Please see the sections below for an overview of POS Flag, Department Group, and Department setup.