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POS Flags

POS Flags control assigned sales parameters for items when entered at the POS/Register.
Taxes applied, age requirements, and price changes are a few of the options controlled via POS Flags for tendered items.

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Maintenance module.

  2. Once in the Maintenance module, choose “POS Flags”

  3. This will open the “POS Flags” utility

    If this is a new install and you are using a FasTrax supplied starter database, you may notice there are a few POS Flags already setup.
    These are often used flags we have preconfigured. You are welcome to edit these to fit your particular needs.
    Remember to choose the SAVE option to apply any changes you make.

  4. If this is to be a new POS Flag, first choose the “Add POS Flag” button
    If you wish to edit an existing flag, simply highlight the applicable flag from the “Existing POS Flags” grid and edit in the “POS Flags Details” area.

  5. Using the “POS Flags Details” section, enter applicable information for this flag.

    1. POS Flag Name – Name your flags according to the groups they are servicing. Normally, Tobacco products are not taxed and sold the same a General Merchandise. This will assist when assigning flags to Departments.
    2. Tax Group – These are created at the POS/Register via the Store Setup Utility. Tax Groups apply the tax rates you setup to the items in Departments assigned particular POS Flags.
      (e.g. - items in Departments assigned a flag named “Tobacco” may only apply a State Sales Tax of 8% where a general merchandise Department’s items will charge a State and City tax rate).
    3. Sign – This marks the department as a positive or negative department. Negative department items ring at the register as a negative amount.
    4. Excise Tax Rate – This is where the percentage for an excise tax can be added. This is a % of the cost.
    5. Excise Description – This is the description of the excise tax rate
    6. Age Required – Age required to purchase items from department
    7. Allow Food Stamps – Allow Food Stamp tender
    8. After confirming applicable information is entered correctly, choose the “Save” option.

If necessary, POS Flags can be edited at later times. However, be aware that changes to POS Flags will affect how items function at your register(s).
Please confirm changes are correct before saving.