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Creating a Commission Campaign

Creating a Commission Campaign

  1. In Director, choose the Pricebook module.

  2. Then, choose the Commissions option from the menu ribbon.

         1. New Commission – Pressing this brings up a new window to create a new commission campaign
         2. Edit Commission - Pressing this will bring up the edit window to edit the highlighted commission campaign in the grid
         3. Delete Commission - Pressing this will delete the highlighted commission campaign in the grid

  3. In the Discount Details section, enter the parameters you wish for this discount to follow.

    1. Campaign Name – Text field to input the name to be used for the commission campaign
    2. Start Date – What date the campaign starts
    3. Stop Date - What date the campaign ends
    4. Campaign Type – What campaign type will be utilized: Spiff Flat gives a flat dollar amount per item sold that is assigned to the spiff whereas Spiff Pct gives a percentage of the retail price of the items sold that are in the campaign.
    5. Value – The value of the campaign when items are sold
    6. Filter Type - A dropdown that allows the items contained to be specific items or based on filters
    7. Cancel - Cancels out of the window, not saving changes
    8. Save - Saves changes that are made

  4. Choose Save when complete