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Required Settings for the POS

Required Settings for the POS

  1. After logging into the POS:
    1. choose the actions icon
    2. choose the settings icon
    3. choose the POS BUTTON EDITOR button

  2. Choose the applicable panel where the buttons will be placed and
    choose EDIT, then choose a blank button on where you’d like the
    button to be and choose Edit Button.

  3. Use the highlighted button types and parameters; non highlighted parameters are by preference

  4. Choose Update to save the button parameters then Save Panel to save the changes made to the panel.

  5. Next, open POS Settings by choosing actions, then settings, and finally the SETTINGS button.

  6. Finally, navigate to the Misc Register Settings tab and choose the checkbox Prompt For Salesman.

  7. Choose Save and the POS will close to save the changes made.