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Importing a Label in Director

Importing a Label in Director

When importing a template into Director, Director is required to be in Support mode. This requires a user with Admin privileges to enable this setting, which can be found using the bottom Settings hyperlink in Director.

Next, after opening Director and before logging in, click on the FasTrax logo to bring up the menu used to import labels. It will require a password, which by default is FasTrax0! if it has not been changed.

When the utilities window opens, choose the Other tab followed by the Zebra Label Formats button.

This opens the window below, which allows you to create, delete, and save new label formats.

To import the newly created label, choose the new button and give the label a name.

Next, the label itself will have to be opened in notepad. This can be accomplished by navigating where the .prn file was saved (Step 2 in finalizing a Zebra label), right clicking the .prn file, and choosing to open within notepad.

Now that the file is opened in Notepad, copy all the text from the window and paste it into the format code text block within Director.

Finally, choose the save button to save the format in the database. Now, it can be used in both Director and POS from anywhere that you could previously print labels.