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Overview of Inactive Items

Overview of Inactive Items

Inactive items are items that have been hidden and cannot be utilized in the pricebook in any way. This includes selling, ordering, receiving, and counting.

Utilizing inactive items is a great way to have a clutter free pricebook while keeping all previous imported and discontinued items in a secluded area to where they can be reactivated at any time. The inactive items wizard can automatically scan the pricebook and make suggestions to deactivate items that meet all the criteria of a discontinued or non-carried item.



  1. Item Search Filter – Allows you to search by or UPC through the list of inactive items
  2. Change To Active – Changes all checked items to active
  3. Permanently Delete – Permanently deletes all checked items
  4. Sent To Store – Sends all checked items to the selected store(s)
  5. Run Inactive Item Wizard – Opens the inactive item wizard to scan items for inactive suggestions

When changing, sending, or deleting items, it only affects the checked items in the grid.