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Creating a Loyalty Campaign (Director)

Creating a Loyalty Campaign (Director)

  1. In Director, choose the Loyalty module. 
  2. Then, choose the Campaigns option from the menu  ribbon.
  3. Choose the New button. 
    If you are editing an existing Loyalty Campaign, simply highlight the applicable line and choose the Edit button instead.  
  4. In the Campaign Details section, enter the parameters you wish for this discount to follow.

    Campaign Types include:
    Post sale coupon: Prints a coupon after the sale of qualifying items to provide a discount on the next visit.

    PM/UST/RJR Points Rewards: When a loyalty customer has bought enough qualifying items, they get a discount on that transaction. Points are tracked for each type separately.

    1. Name – name  of the Campaign for your reference.
    2. Start/Stop Date – specifies when the campaign begins and ends.
    3. Loyalty Only – specifies that this campaign will only take effect when sale is made to a Loyalty Customer.
    4. Campaign Type – the chosen style of Loyalty Campaign.
    5. Coupon Value – depending on the campaign type, this is the dollar amount removed when coupon is applied.
    6. Expire Date - This is the expiration date of the printed coupons; this is independent of the Stop Date entered above.
  5. Choose Save when complete.