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Creating the Item Sale Limit Definition

  1. After opening and logging into Director, choose the Maintenance Module

  2. Choose the Item Sale Limits tab on the navigation ribbon

    This will bring up the below screen:

         1. Add New Item Sale Limit – This button creates a new item sale limit and brings up a window to edit
         2. Edit Item Sale Limit – This button will edit the selected item sale limit row
         3. Print Report – This button prints a report of all item sale limits and the items contained within them
         4. Delete Selected Item Sale Limit – This button will delete the selected item sale limit
  3. Choose the Add New Item Sale Limit button

    This will bring up the below window:

         1. Sales Limit Name – The name of the item sales limit
         2. Limit Per Sale – The numerical limit allowed of the added items to be sold in a single transaction
         3. Stores – The store(s) that will be in the item sales limit
         4. Add Item – Brings up the item search window to allow items to be added to the limit
         5. Remove Item – This removes a selected item from the Item Sales Limit rule
         6. Cancel – This cancels out of the Item Sales Limit Details window, not saving any changes
         7. Save – Saves all changes done in the Item Sales Limit Details window
  4. Enter in a Sales Limit Name and Limit Per Sale value
  5. Assign the store(s) needed and choose Save

  6. Now that Save has been pressed, the Add Item button can now be used. Press the Add Item button to start adding items to the rule.

  7. This brings up the Select Items For Sales Limit window, where items can be added individually by UPC or description, or by mass by categorization

  8. When does adding item(s), choose the Save button

  9. To save all changes to the Item Sale Limit, choose the Save on the Item Sales Limit Details window

    Now, when selling an item in this rule that is greater than the limit set, the POS will give the below screen: