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Changing POS Settings from Corporate

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Maintenance module.
  2. Within Maintenance choose the POS Settings tab
  3. Choose the applicable store settings you wish to pull from the Get Settings From Store dropdown and choose Get

    This pulls the POS Settings that are currently running at the selected store.
    If a communications error is received, it could be related to a firewall or IP address change. Contact support for assistance.
  4. After retrieving the applicable store’s settings, the POS Settings grid is now populated with editable fields.
  5. Double click in the appropriate IniEntryValue field you wish to make changes.
  6. Enter new Value: in the POS Settings Details window.
  7. Choose Save when complete.

Notice that the checkbox field labeled Update will now have a check contained in it whenever a value is updated. When checked, this updated setting is sent to the store when you choose to Send.