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Mass Cost Updates

Mass Cost Updates

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Pricebook module.

  2. Choose the Mass Updates option from the Menu Ribbon, and go ahead and Filter to the items you wish to update

  3. Choose the Cost Updates tab on the tool selection ribbon.

  4. Select the type of cost change to be done:
    • Set Cost – replaces the current cost with the one entered in the blank.
    • Add $ to Cost – adds the amount entered to the current cost
    • Add % to Cost – increases the cost by a percentage of its current value

  5. Choose whether the cost change will Apply to Vendor Part, and choose which Vendor this will apply to in the dropdown.
  6. Once all options are set the way you need them, click Preview to continue.
  7. Using the Change Preview window, verify that the change is correct. Here, you can remove any items if needs be, or change the affected Pricebook Zone.
  8. Click Apply Changes

    If you have changes that don’t need to take effect yet, choose the date and time for them to take effect, and click Schedule instead of Apply Changes