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Mass Field Updates

Mass Field Updates

The Field Updates tool in Mass Updates can be used to update any of the 14 Tree Information fields, as well as the following fields:

  • Department Number
  • Link PLU
  • POS Text
  • POS Flag Name
  • QOH Reorder Point
  • Override Order Days
  • Override Type
  1. After logging into Director, choose the Pricebook module.
  2. Choose the Mass Updates option from the Menu Ribbon, and Filter to the items you wish to update.
  3. Choose the Field Updates tab on the tool selection ribbon
  4. Choose the update options

    • Selected Field – the name of the field to be Mass Updated
    • New Field Text – The new information to be put in the Selected Field.
    • Match Field Text – Used to tell the system what text to replace when updating the Selected Field
      The Match Text field is only used to when the Change “Match Text” to “New Text” option is used below, and can be left blank if not using that button
  5. Click Set Selected Field to New Field Text to update all items in filter,

    Alternatively, click Change “Match Text” to “New Text in order to only update the selected field only where the text currently in the field matches the Match Text