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Overview of Mass Updates

Mass Updates gives you the power to change prices, costs, and other information for large groups of items all at once. If your pricebook is well organized, Mass Updates can greatly simplify pricebook management and help you save time.

Mass Updates Tree View allows you to quickly and easily filter to the items that need updating, and the various utilities in Mass Updates not only allow for changing tree info and costs/prices, but also allow you to add items to Loyalty Campaigns, Buydowns, or System Discounts.


  1. Mass Update Filters – Multiple options for filtering your Mass Updates view to the items you need to see
    1. Tree View – Shows tree information for the entire pricebook; allows for each heading to be “expanded” to see sub-headings. Clicking any heading/subheading will filter to items in that group.
    2. Hierarchical view – Allows selection and filtering of items by selecting the Major Category, then the Category etc. that you wish to filter to.
    3. Filters – Allows Mass Updates to be filtered by department, price, cost, or any other tree information.
  2. Pricebook Zone/Vendor Selector – Allows you to choose which Pricebook Zone your changes will affect as well as which Vendor and Vendor part cost changes affect.
  3. Mass Updates View – Shows all items that will be affected by any changes made.
  4. Tool Selection – From Standard Prices, to Average Cost, this is where to find all the tools used in Mass Updates