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Overview of Pending Transfers

Pending Transfers provide a method for a store to request merchandise from another store. This allows for inventory to be transferred from one store to another while still allowing for the store transferring the merchandise to adjust the transferred quantities before the transaction is complete.

There are three steps to the Pending Transfer process. First, the requesting store creates the transfer and sends it to the store from which they are requesting merchandise. Second, the other store reviews the request and verifies what inventory they can send, and sends the updated request back to the requesting store. Finally, the requesting store reviews the updated transfer, and verifies it against the physical merchandise that the other store has sent them, and applies the transfer to their inventory.

  1. From Store – The store that the inventory will be coming from.
  2. To Store – The store that created the request and will have inventory coming to it.
  3. Status – An indicator designed to tell what step the pending transfer is currently on.
    • This will say ‘Unsent’ for a new transfer, or ‘In Progress’ for a transfer request that has been sent.
  4. Created – The date that the transfer was created.
  5. Notes – Optional field to add notes for your records and bookkeeping.