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Additional Item Setup Options

Additional Item Setup Options

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Pricebook module.

  2. Within Item Details, navigate to the applicable item. Choose the Additional Info link.

    • Price Name – should be the same as the UPC Number unless multiple items are being put in the same Pik a Pak pricing. (see specialty pricing doc for more info).
    • POS Text – description to be displayed at the POS (if it needs to be different from the description.
    • Account Codes – The three different account blanks below POS Text are used for some customer-specific accounting exports, and can be ignored for most people.
    • Commission – the flat amount awarded to a cashier who sells this item (if applicable).
    • Sales Link – UPC of any item that is always meant to be sold with this one.

Item Images – To add an item image, click the Add From File button in the Additional Item Information window, and select the picture file to attach to the item.  

Kitchen Options – These options allow for a store setup where a secondary monitor and printer are used to communicate ticket details to the kitchen. See the Kitchen Setup documentation for more information.

Item Extended Description – Any additional information you want on the item for the cashiers to see when the item is Price Checked.