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Creating an Item Kit

Creating an Item Kit

  1. In Director, choose the Pricebook module.

  2. Then, create an item to be the Kit Master. To do this, create the item normally, then check the Kit Master check box in the Other Information section

  3. Next, click the Manage Kit Items link to open the Kit Details window.

  4. Click Add Item, then enter the following information (repeat for each item that is to be included in the kit):

    • Item UPC – the UPC of the item you wish to add to the kit (use the Find link to search if you don’t know the UPC. The Item Description will populate automatically once you enter a valid UPC.
    • Sell Qty – the number of this item to sell when the kit is sold at the POS.
    • Level – denotes applicable list of items for the Choose From List item type.
    • Price Type – chooses whether to use the item’s usual retail price, or to use a different specified price
    • Item Type – choose Always Sell This Item to sell the item without prompting, or Choose From List to create a multiple choice prompt.
    • Save – click after all items are added.
      If Choose From List is selected, and there are two items in Level 1 and 3 items in Level 2, the cashier will be prompted to choose between the two level 1 items, then they will have to choose between the 3 level 2 items.