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Inventory Tracking Tools

Inventory Tracking Tools

In the Recent Sales History section of Item Details, the item’s last sale date and time can be seen as a blue hyperlink.

This section also shows sales for yesterday, as well as Week-To-Date, Month-To Date and Year-To-Date sales.

Clicking this link will display the information from the most recent receipt for that item.

Note that this screen will also show a line item for any buydown that was active on the sale.

Xfer Analysis: This link will bring up a window that allows you to select a date range, and click Refresh to show Quantity on Hand, Sales, and the last sell date of the item. This can be used to determine if transferring inventory between stores is advisable.

Inventory History: This tool will show on hand quantities for each store, for each day in the selected range. It also shows the applicable Retail and Cost on those days.