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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Item Analysis

Item Analysis can be accessed by clicking on the Item Analysis link in Item Details in Director.

  1. Filters – Settings for Store, Start Date, and Stop Date. After all the filters are set, clicking Refresh will show relevant inventory activity.
  2. Current Inventory – Shows current on hand quantity for the selected item as well as inventory quantities for and Purchase Unit or Subunits.
  3. Inventory History – Shows quantity on hand at the beginning of each day
  4. Adjustments – Shows all adjustments made to inventory from Transfers and Adjustments to Cycle Counts and Invoices.
  5. Invoices – Shows dates, times and invoice numbers for any invoices including this item.
  6. Sales – Shows individual receipt numbers and related cashiers for all sales involving this item.
  7. Cycle Counts/Spot Checks – These two sections show inventory counts that have been done with this item, and display the counted and expected quantities.