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Adding an Item Link to an Item

Adding an Item Link to an Item

Item Links are used in FasTrax POS to create parent/child relationships between items. This allows a parent unit to be “broken down” into multiple child units for individual sale. These breakdowns will happen automatically at the POS any time the quantity on hand for the child unit falls below zero.

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Pricebook module.
  2. Within Item Details, use the Quick Find section in the top left to look up the item you wish to change.

    In this example, we will add the link to the Parent Unit. Doing so will automatically add a matching link to the Child Unit.
  3. Look at the Link Information section, and enter the UPC and the Link Quantity of the Child Unit as shown.

    The Link Quantity is the number of child units that make up the parent unit. In this example, the child unit is a pack of cigarettes, and the parent is a carton. The Link Quantity is 10 because there are 10 packs in a carton of cigarettes.
  4. Once finished, click the Save button to finish creating the link.