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Adding a New Item

Adding a New Item

  1. In Director, choose the Pricebook module.

  2. This will take you to the Item Details section of the Pricebook.
  3. Choose the Add button.
    Alternatively, you can simply type the UPC of the new item in the Lookup Item By field in the Quick Find section and Press Enter. This will prompt you to create the new item.

  4. Enter the UPC/PLU you wish to add, and press Enter (or click OK).
  5. In the General Information section, add a Description for the item, and select a Department from the dropdown menu.

  6. In the Pricing Information section, add a Last Cost and Price for the item.

    After entering the Last Cost, you can enter a Margin rather than a Price, and the system will fill in the price accordingly.

  7. Next, fill out any applicable Tree Information for the item.

    Tree information is optional, and can be left blank if you prefer. However, the more thorough your tree information is, the easier it will be to update prices in Mass Updates later on.

  8. Once all information is entered, click the Save button.

    This section was just the basics of getting an item ready to sell. There is much more that can be added or changed in Item Details that will be covered in later sections.