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Adding Open Pricing to an Item

Adding Open Pricing to an Item

Open pricing is used to get the POS to prompt the cashier for the retail price of the item. When entering an open price, a minimum price is specified as well as a default price. The default will be used if the cashier makes no changes when prompted at the POS, and the minimum price is the lowest the cashier is allowed to enter.

  1. After logging into Director, choose the Pricebook module. 
  2. Within Item Details, use the Quick Find section in the top left to look up the item you wish to change

  3. Look at the Pricing Information section, and click on the link that says Modify Specialty Pricing
    Pro Tip: make sure you’ve selected the correct Pricebook Zone before continuing.

  4. This will open the Specialty Pricing window. Use the Use Price Type dropdown menu to select Open Price.
    The Use Price Type dropdown can be used to select Mix-Match pricing as well. Mix-Match pricing is a legacy feature, and it is recommended to use System Discounts instead.

  5. Enter the following information.

    1. Default Price: The price that will automatically appear when the cashier is prompted.
    2. Sell Qty: The quantity to be sold at this price (usually 1).
    3. Minimum Price: The lowest price the POS will allow the cashier to enter for this item.
  6. When finished, click Save.