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Adding Pik-A-Pak Pricing to an Item

Pik-A-Pak pricing is used to sell items that have different price points for different quantities. For instance, an item that costs $3.50 for one, but only costs $10.00 if the customer buys three. Pik-A-Pak pricing will cause the POS to present the cashier with a list of quantities to choose from when the item is scanned.

  1. Look at the Pricing Information section, and click on the link that says Modify Specialty Pricing 
  2. After logging into Director, choose the Pricebook module. 
  3. Within Item Details, use the Quick Find section in the top left to look up the item you wish to change.
  4. This will open the Specialty Pricing window. Use the Use Price Type dropdown menu to select Pik-A-Pak.
  5. For each quantity at which the item is to be sold, enter the price as follows:

    1. Click Add Price
    2. Enter the Price
    3. Enter the Sell Qty
    4. Enter the Description for this price point
    5. Click Save Price
  6. Once all prices and quantities have been entered correctly, click Save.