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Overview of Reorders

Overview of Reorders

Utilizing FasTrax for reorders can same the end user time, and it can give a very detailed analysis of why specific quantities are being order. There are several order methods, which are described below:

List All Items From Vendor – This lists every available vendor part from the selected vendor on the order form

Reorder By Min/Max – This orders items based on a minimum/maximum threshold set by the user on each item

Reorder By Days Of Inventory – This orders to keep a specific number of days of inventory on hand based on historical sales data

Reorder By Items Sold (Replenishment) – This orders based on what was sold in a specified time frame

Reorder Using A Blank Order Form – This creates a blank order form that the user enters every item to be ordered

Reorder Using Hybrid Days / Replenishment – This orders items based on the days of inventory method except for newly created items, which use replenishment