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FasTrax POS Lifeline Documentation

Item Requirements

Items need the following parameters set up in “Item Details” in order to pass certification and send weekly:

  1. Description – This should be detailed and easily decipherable
  2. Department – The RJ Reynolds and AOM portion of the Altria report reports on the department level
  3. Price – This should be the price before any discounts or buydowns
  4. Link Information – Properly associating both packs to cartons and cans to rolls together are required
  5. Manufacturer – The correct manufacturer is required on each and every item
  6. Product Code – This is located under the “Secondary” tree information tab and requires the unit of measure value
  7. RJR Promo Reporting – This is located in the “Additional Info” hyperlink and is used on the RJ Reynolds report to report the promotional value of promotional items, such as promotional packs