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Multipack & Loyalty Discount Requirements

When discounting multiple packs in the same transaction, system discounts MUST be utilized. Specialty pricing or manually discounting item(s) are not options.

  1. Discount Name – Assign the discount name according to what the representative requires
  2. Discount Type – Choose the discount type, which is most commonly “$ Off Each Item” for multipack and loyalty discounts
  3. Start / End Date – The date range the discount will be active
  4. Qty – The item threshold required before the discount triggers
  5. $ Off Each Item – The amount discounted off each item attached to the discount
  6. Item Limit Per Sale – The number of times the discount can trigger in a single transaction
  7. Require Loyalty – When checked, required a loyalty customer on the transaction to receive a discount
  8. Is Altria Discount – Checked for Altria funded discounts, such as business enhancement funds or loyalty