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Creating a System Discount

Creating a System Discount

This guide will illustrate the “Buy x Get y Free” method of System Discounts. The free item will automatically be the lowest priced.

Other System Discount Methods:
$ Off Each Item – when the quantity is met, a dollar amount is removed from each item
% Off Each Item – when the quantity is met, a percentage is remove from each item
X Items For y Dollars – when the quantity is met, each item is reduced to equal a set amount (2 for $1, 3 for $5, etc)
Buy x Get y % off – when the buy quantity is met, gives a percent discount off a specified number of items


  1. In Director, choose the “Pricebook” module

  2. Then, choose the “System Discounts” tab

  3. Choose the “Add” button

    If you are editing an existing system discount, simply click to highlight a discount in the grid and edit its values in the “Discount Details” portion of the screen.

  4. In the “Discount Details” portion of the screen, enter the parameters you wish for the discount to follow
  1. Discount Name – This field is the name of your choosing to identify the discount
  2. Discount Type – This field is the type of discount assigned, which is one of 4 different types
  3. Store Selector – These checkboxes allow you to assign specific stores to specific discounts
  4. Item Filter Type – This filter dropdown allows you to choose the method of what items are in the discount, either choosing specific items (that are assigned manually) or by a department/tree categorization of item(s)
  5. Start Date – The date the discount is set to start
  6. Stop Date – The date the discount is set to stop
  7. Receipt Text – When the discount is triggered, what text will be on the receipt that is visible for the customer
  8. Buy – The quantity needed to be bought on the discount types of “Buy x Get y Free” and “x Items For y Dollars”. On the discount types of “$ Off Each Item” and “% Off Each Item”, this field is labeled “Qty”
  9. Get Free – The number of free items when the “Buy” amount is reached. On the discount type “x Items For y Dollars”, this field is labeled “For” and it expects a dollar amount. On the methods “$ Off Each Item” and “% Off Each Item”, this field is called “$ Off Each Item” and “% Off Each Item” respectively
  10. Use Trigger List – When checked, the discount will not fire until the triggered amount of items is purchased (this enables a new field called “Trigger Qty” where this value is placed)
  11. Inventory Clearance – Marks the discount to be automatically archived whenever the item(s) within it are at a 0 QOH (clearing inventory out)
  12. Priority – The prority level of the discount. The lower the numberical value, the higher on the priority the discount is
  13. Occurrence Limit Per Sale – The number of times a discount can be applied in a sale
  14. Require Loyalty – Flags the discount to be a loyalty-customer only discount
  15. Customer Daily Limit – Limits the discount to be only triggerable a certain number of times in a day for a loyalty customer
  16. Use Schedule – Flags the discount to only trigger on specific days/times of the week. This makes a hyperlink called “Manage Schedule” visible, where the days/times can be set
  17. Is Altria Discount – Flags the discount as an Altria funded discount
  18. Apply Tax - Determines if tax is charged before the discount is applied or after
  19. Archived Discounts – Shows a list of all discounts that have been previously archived

Choose "Save" when complete

You can view what items are in what discounts, as well as trigger items by choosing the appropriate hyperlink: “View Trigger Items In Discount” or “View Items In Discount”