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Tender Glossary


  1. Tender Type – This is a unique, numerical number that is tied to the specific tender description
  2. Min Sale Amount – The minimum dollar amount that can be used for the specific tender
  3. Max In Drawer – The max amount to be allowed in the cash till
  4. Tender Description – The description of the tender
  5. Max Change – The max change amount allowed be given in a single transaction
  6. Recon Bucket – The reconciliation bucket that the tender is assigned to for shift/daily reconciliations
  7. Acct Code – The accounting code assigned to the tender for accounting exports
  8. Allow Over Tendering – The ability for the tender to be over tendered in a single transaction
  9. Allow Safe Drops – The ability for the tender to be removed from the cash till and deposited in the safe via a safe drop button/prompt
  10. Require Tender Amount – The tendering of a sale will now require specific dollar amounts to be entered before the tender button is used
  11. Open Cash Drawer – When the tender is used, opens the cash drawer


There are several hardcoded tender ID’s that should not be changed or removed. Following these rules is a necessity. See all of these default values and rules below:

• Tender ID’s between 500 and 599 are always treated as a manufacturer’s coupon
• Tender ID’s between 600 and 699 are always treated as a store coupon
• Tender ID 0 is always Unknown Credit Card
• Tender ID 1 is always Cash
• Tender ID 5 is always Food Stamps
• Tender ID 10 is always Personal Check
• Tender ID 12 is always House Account
• Tender ID 15 is always Traveler’s Check
• Tender ID 40 is always Debit
• Tender ID 50 is always VISA
• Tender ID 60 is always MasterCard
• Tender ID 70 is always Discover
• Tender ID 80 is always American Express