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Return Forms in Director

Return Forms in Director


When navigating to the return forms section in Director’s maintenance module, you will be presented with the following screen: 


  1. Add – Allows a new return customer to be added 
  2. View – Opens a new window to view data on a return customer that is selected in the above grid
  3. Print – Prints a list of all return customers
  4. Show – A filter with many options to filter specific return customers 
  5. Filter Text Box – Allows text to be input to filter against 
  6. Filter – Filters against the filter text box and show dropdown


When choosing the “Add” button or “View” button, you are presented the below window: 

  1. First Name – The customer’s first name
  2. Address – The customer’s address 
  3. Last Name – The customer’s last name
  4. City – The customer’s city 
  5. State – The customer’s state 
  6. Zip – The customer’s zip code
  7. License # - The customer’s driver’s license
  8. Phone – The customer’s phone number 
  9. License State – The state of the driver’s license
  10. Deny Returns – When flagged, returns from the customer are now rejected 
  11. Save – Saves the customer details


When choosing the “Transactions” tab, you will see the below screen. This allows you to see return transactions, customers who made the return, and print out the list. 

  1. View – Creates a report for the highlighted row and shows details of the transaction 
  2. Print – Prints the entire grid of transactions 
  3. Filter – Allows you to filter the grid of specific transactions